Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't You Just Crack Me?

The “cracking” noise that sometimes accompanies a chiropractic manipulation is just the escape of air and fluid particles from joint spaces. As each joint cavitates, a popping noise frequently occurs. Normal joint motion occasionally will make a “cracking” noise. Again, to protect you and the doctors, without a thorough examination process, we will not administer any “cracking.” Improper adjustment procedures can result in very unfavorable results.

Once I Go To A Chiropractor Once Do I Have To Go Forever?

Absolutely not! The choice to continue future care with your chiropractor is your choice.

As chiropractors we'll educate you on the benefits of periodic spinal checkups. But the choice to follow through with those checkups is up to you.

As a chiropractic patient, you know what it feels like to be in alignment and out of alignment. When you're in alignment, you'll have more energy, better sleep, and more functioning at your full potential. You know when you need to return to your chiropractor.

Do I Have To Have An Exam?

All patients at Capital Chiropractic will go through an examination process before we administer any manipulation. This is to protect you as well as the doctors.

Do I Have To Have X-Rays?

We take X-rays in our office as the need arises. If we've taken X-rays within the past two years, and there's been no further complications or injuries, we will not take any new films. We will go through a detailed consultation and history-taking protocol before we administer any chiropractic manipulation. If there's any uncertainty or we feel the need to uncover more information about you, we'll take X-rays. Guesswork is not part of our treatment plan.